My Epic Stories Children app Art direction, Coding, UX, UI

Bedtime stories reinvented

I'm father of two, and the best part of my day is bedtime, when I tell stories to my children. It's also the moment where I have to be the most creative. My daughter consider that no story is worth telling if there is no dragon involved. My son, for his part, requires pirates and rockets. Stories become sometimes a mixture of medieval adventure, greek tragedy and fantastic epic on a spacial background.

We, at epic, did an app to help parents to tell unexpected stories to their children.


Concept, Art Direction : Karim Maaloul
Marketing : Benoit Rondeux, Jérôme Ruhwiedel
Characters design : Adeline Moreau, Wenzhu Wei
Animation : Adeline Moreau, Wenzhu Wei, Karim Maaloul
UI / UX : Karim Maaloul
Coding : Karim Maaloul, Cedric Feyaerts, Piet Dewijngaert

Watch the demo